Recently, Ive been veering towards vegetarianism, something sure to make me deeply unpopular with meat-eaters and actual vegetarians. I was a vegetarian for a couple of years when I was about 17 (and 16 or 18 I suppose, by that logic)....

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  • test

    Im not great with plants. I like the idea of growing my own herbs, like Jamie Oliver, but it never really looks like Jamie Olivers herb garden. I once kept a parsley plant alive for about 9 months but really, for the last four it was practically begging me to let it die....

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    Communal toast making areas are an etiquette nightmare. One fine morning in Beijing really took the biscuit. Breakfast buffet had 2 toasters. I put my bread in and waited alongside....

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  • Culinary Adventures Part 3

    I cant make pancakes. If I had a euro for every person whos told me that making pancakes is easy, Id be a cynical, rage-filled, doubting millionaire. I can make pancake batter but as soon as it touches the frying pan, all hell breaks loose. My Mum, the aforementioned Good Cook...

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    I always knew I took tea seriously, but the true gravity of the situation was brought home to me this morning. I take my tea the correct way: Lyons, strong, no sugar, tiny drop of milk. I regard any deviations from this configuration with disdain....

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    I have an obsession with buying kiwis. There are 8 kiwis in my fridge right now. Every time I go to the supermarket I think Oh I must just pick up some kiwis. Sometimes I pass the kiwis and panic, wondering have I in fact run out of kiwis. What if I dont get back...

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    Culinary Adventures Part 1

    Until the age of 22 the height of my culinary talents was heating up a frozen pizza. Sometimes people say that, but when you really quiz them on it its not true. Well can you make pasta? Oh well obviously pasta. What about chicken?...

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